Why Intern Abroad?

I know what you’re thinking when you open up Instagram and see a friend post a picture of mountainous terrains, shorelines of beautiful beaches, and urban cities outside of your home country. Its that FOMO(fear of missing out) or “what if” feeling. You keep telling yourself that you’ll have your turn one day, but years go by and you still didn’t get the chance to travel. Ultimately, you end up graduating, and start interviewing for positions that you don’t have enough experience for. Your response to your potential employer when he/she asks you “tell me about yourself” is short because your background is unfortunately not interesting enough. It takes you forever to even get an interview scheduled because there were millions of people that graduated the same year as you and the market is too competitive. Many graduates have experience abroad, so you’re trying to figure out how to stick out of the crowd. This is the struggle of many college graduates and you have the chance to change that for yourself so you don’t follow the same path.

Grades don’t measure great work ethic. However, to succeed in the education system, it’s important to maintain good grades. You need to prove yourself to the employer that you have the qualifications for the specific role. The way to do this is through an internship because you’ll learn that employers are favoring internship experience over good grades. For example, if you’ve worked a couple internships abroad, and there was another candidate with no internship experience, but graduated with a 3.8 GPA – who do you think they are more likely to hire? The candidate with internship experience will have a better chance of being hired. Employers are looking for candidates that require less training and seeking the smoothest transition from school to workplace.  At the end of the day, internship experience shows employers that the candidate was committed to breaking into their career.

Experience abroad can be a life-changing. Believe us, we know. CareerDean was built by world travellers and understands the importance of exploring the world. There’s something truly amazing about packing your bags, leaving your friends and family, and making your way around in another country. You begin to realize how big the world is and your problems become so small that it actually becomes nonexistent. We often get stuck in a routine and don’t understand that there is much more the world can offer. Think about it. The typical person has the same actions and routines over and over again on a daily basis without being aware of it. We unconsciously make those decisions and its unbelievable how precise the timing is when those actions are made every day. Doesn’t that get boring? Are you truly living your best life? People don’t run out of dreams, they just run out of time, and nothing great comes from living in comfort zones. If you’re looking to challenge yourself and are eager to chase your dreams, then you you should try an internship abroad.

Benefits of Interning Abroad

Expand Your Global Network

Throughout your internship experience, you will build a new circle of contacts. You’re going to be surrounded with other like-minded young professionals that are just as motivated and eager to learn as you. This will give you the opportunity to work side-by-side with a mentor to shape your career and give you the guidance you need to be successful. Your mentor can eventually be a contact for recommendations, securing a lead on a job in the future, or even be hired at the organization at the end of the internship.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

There are millions of students who graduate with the same degree as you, but what really sets you apart? Going abroad takes you out of your comfort zone and employers love to see that you’re taking on a challenge. Challenging yourself allows you to grow professionally and on a personal level. This makes you in demand and sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. You won’t regret it!

Cross-Cultural Skills

You will develop and acquire skills that will help you grow professionally. Organizations abroad may have different best practices or a different stance on specific issues. When you return home, you bring those ideas with you and you can share those new viewpoints from a different perspective.

Gain Confidence

Immersing yourself in a new environment can always be intimidating. You may first be frustrated by the new challenges or miss being home. However, you will adapt quickly and this will lead you to become more independent and gain confidence with the decisions you make in the future.

Improve Language Skills or Learn a New Language

We are in a global economy and organizations are either already participating in international business or are hoping to expand overseas. You will be able to practice your skills as you travel abroad or learn a new language while you’re there. Being able to speak a foreign language is a big asset to employers and will make you more marketable.

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