Tips for your first week as an intern

No matter your educational background, beginning a new job can be intimidating. Starting as an intern in a new country, it can be especially trying. But with the help of these few tips, your first week as an intern can be successful and you’ll be on your way to interning success.

Become a knowledge sponge

Even in your first few hours, you can get an idea of a company’s culture and work style.  As you learn coworkers names and positions, you’ll learn how communication between coworkers and management works. If you listen well enough throughout your first few shifts, you’ll discover unwritten culinary rules to follow while at work. Knowing what will be expected of you and how to present yourself will create a valuable learning environment.

Where is everything?

To help soak up as much knowledge as possible in your first week as an intern, study the kitchen layout. Know where the most used items are located. Have a clear understanding of what food items are stored in each area of the kitchen. This will not only help you with adapting to your new setting, it will also allow you to be faster and more efficient when on the job.

Finding your rhythm

After a few days into your first week as an intern, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable in your job. The confidence gained during this week is advantageous in developing a rhythm that allows you to grow. As your confidence increases, so can your responsibilities. Soon, you’ll find yourself learning more each day.

Become part of the team

Helping coworkers (when appropriate) is a sure way to gain experience and show you are committed to your new work team. In helping, you’ll not only learn more about your position, but you can also build a lifelong friendship.

Remember customer service basics

Whether you’re running plates to customers or preparing vegetables in the kitchen, customer service basics should always be in place while on the job. Show your commitment to giving customers the best food and service possible during your first week as an intern and you will be highly regarded by peers and leaders.

Be careful not to over do it

You will find yourself under a lot of pressure during your first few weeks. You’ll have a new job, in a new country, and you’ll be surrounded by people you barely know every day. While this can be a great opportunity to show your talents and personality, it can also be emotionally overwhelming. Be mindful of your emotional comfort level as your week progresses.

Keep in mind, you will not be expected to know every element of your job position in your first week. It is a good idea to remember as much as possible, but not at the expense of your mental health.

Are you ready for your first week as an intern?

Even the most seasoned culinarians have hiccups and make mistakes in the kitchen. It’s important for you to know you will most assuredly make mistakes during your first week as well. Keep in mind, most kitchen mishaps are fixable. However, when they happen, the most important element is to learn from it. Your supervisor will help you understand what happened and how you can avoid the mistake in the future. These first mistakes may give you a bit of unrest in the beginning, but eventually, you will remember them only for what they truly are: a learning tool.

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