South Beach Dining: Cuban Foods with Flare

Your internship in South Beach will be a great learning opportunity in more ways than one. South Beach is full of vibrant colors, unique customs, and tons of flare. The rich architecture, vast beaches, and night culture attract people from all over the world. But for most visitors, the most intriguing aspect of South Beach is the variety of Cuban foods available.

Cuban Foods in South Beach

Ropa Vieja, Tostones, Cuban sandwiches, and more, South Beach is known for its Cuban flare. So much so, you can almost smell the garlic, oregano, and sour orange in the streets. With the abundance Cuban restaurants in Miami Beach, it’s hard to list every one. However, here are some popular Cuban dishes to try.

Cuban Sandwich

Perhaps the most iconic cuisine in South beach is the Cuban Sandwich. Traditionally, the sandwich contains pickles and mustard along with generous helpings of roasted pork, ham, and Swiss cheese.

Many local restaurants put their own spin on the meal. Versailles Cuban Restaurant, for instance offers their Cuban sandwich as their ‘Midnight Special’. But their ‘Versailles Especial’ bumps the sandwich up a notch with the addition of Spanish sausage.

No matter how it’s served or where you choose to eat, this hot pressed sandwich is great on the go or as a sit down meal.

Ropa Vieja

Ropa Vieja is a classic immigrant dish you can find in South Beach. It’s comprised of shredded beef, stewed tomatoes, colorful vegetables, and classic Cuban spices. When combined, the meal resembles a pile of ragged clothing which is how it came to be named, ‘old clothes’.

With ten locations in and around South Beach, El Palacio de los Jugos has outstanding reviews of their version of this traditional Cuban cuisine.


Also known as Platanos fritos, these twice fried plantain slices are abundantly common all over South Beach. Served as a side dish or appetizer, Tostones offer a tasty glimpse into Cuban island life.

With more than 5 locations in the Miami Beach area, La Carreta offers delicious shrimp pineapple tostones. And with a La Carreta located in MIA International Airport, you can try a taste of Cuba as soon as you land in Miami.


The classic Cuban snack food, a pastelito is a great treat any time of day. Depending on the filling, these flaky pastries can be either sweet or savory. The most popular sweet fillings include guava or pineapple. For a savory option, try a pastelito with beef or chicken filling. Most full line Cuban restaurants in South Beach include pastelitos on their menu. If you can’t decide which pastelito to try first, check out Las Olas Café. They offer both sweet and savory options.

Food Heaven

South beach is comprised of an eclectic community. And that extends to its food as well. Cuban restaurants may dominate, but this fun city has so much more in store for your taste buds. This food mecca is home to a variety of foods such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, French, Italian and more. With so many food options everywhere you turn, you can experience a different continent every night of the week.

While you’re interning in South Beach, be sure to check out at least one of the many restaurants. You’ll not only learn more about American culture; your own culinary skills can improve. Take notes on how foods are plated and presented. Make mental notes of knife cuts and cooking techniques. Observe the wine pairings and flavor combinations. Discover what foods you like most and work to improve your skills in that area.

South Beach has so much to offer during your stay. So don’t make it all about work. Kick back and enjoy the food from this beautiful city.


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