J-1 Internship / Traineeship USA

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Gain Experience in the U.S.

The J-1 Internship & Traineeship program is designed by the U.S Department of State to promote international exchange and cultural understanding. CareerDean provides the opportunity for students, recent graduates, and professionals to participate in a 6-18 month program to receive hands-on training. The purpose of the program is to enhance career development by working alongside a mentor in the desired academic or occupational field. If your dream is to experience a professional life in America, then we can help turn those dreams into reality. 

Why Working in the U.S. is a Stepping Stone to Your Career?
  • Expand your global network in your industry

  • Gain knowledge in American culture

  • Learn American business best practices

  • Gain Confidence in your ability to adapt to a new environment

  • Gain a competitive advantage over your peers and become marketable

  • Put classroom knowledge into practice

  • Improve cross-cultural awareness

  • Make long lasting relationships around the world

  • Improve language skills

Industries Available 
  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Culinary Arts

  • Business Management & Finance

  • Accounting

  • Marketing, Advertising, PR

  • Information Technology

  • Engineering & Architecture

Check Eligibility 

Please review the qualifications below to confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements for the Internship & Traineeship Programs:

  • Participants must be a foreign student enrolled full-time and pursuing studies in a career field at a degree or certificate-granting, post-secondary academic institution outside the United States or a recent graduate from such an institution

  • Must possess sufficient proficiency in the English language to participate. Your english skills will be evaluated and verified by organization.

  • Internship must be in your field of study

  • Program length is up to 12 months

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Participant must have a degree or professional certificate and at least one year’s work experience in occupational field, or five years of work experience in the occupational field in which you’re seeking training

  • Must possess sufficient proficiency in the English language to participate. Your english skills will be evaluated and verified by organization.

  • Training must be in your education and professional field

  • Length of internship up to 18 months, or up to 12 months for Hospitality and Tourism

  • Participant must be 20+ years old

–    Step 1: Applicant is interested in J-1 program and submits application online.

–    Step 2: Information will be reviewed by CareerDean.

–    Step 3: Applicant will be interviewed by CareerDean to further understand the type of internship you’re looking for.

–    Step 4: Application is approved or denied if it does not meet J-1 program requirements. 

–    Step 5: CareerDean will set up Skype interview with Host Company

–    Step 6: Host Company offers position.

–    Step 7: CareerDean will provide visa assistance 

–    Step 8: Applicant receives DS-2019 and applies for the visa interview 

–    Step 9: Applicant receives J-1 visa OR visa gets denied.

–    Step 10: CareerDean will assist applicant with the arrangements to travel to the United States. 

–    Step 11: CareerDean will conduct pre-departure orientation to ensure you’re ready for the program.

–    Step 12: Arrival to the United States.  

Copy of Passport

Expiration date must be a minimum of 6 months after the last day of your program.

Proof of Education
  • Intern: Proof of current enrollment or proof of graduation within the last year
  • Trainee: Proof of graduation (copy of Diploma)

Updated resume with work experience and educational background

Proof of Funds

Must show name of account holder, date of current balance, and a minimum balance of the equivalent of $1,200 USD.

  • If a parent/guardian is helping you fund your program, please have the owner of the bank statement write a letter of support. This letter should state who they are and their relation to you, and their guarantee to financially support you throughout the program. The letter must be signed.
Proof of Work Experience (TRAINEE ONLY):

A letter on company letterhead from your previous employer(s) stating the dates you worked at this company, and your duties. Must be signed by a current employee.

  • You will need to provide a certificate of employement with at minimum 1 year of relevent work experience if you begin your program 12 months after your graduation date.
  • If you do not have a degree, please provide a certificate of employement for at least 5 years of relevant work experience
DS-2019 Form

When you apply for a visa, you will also receive a DS-2019 Form. This document shows that you are authorized to train in the United States. The form will contain dates of your program, as well as your sponsorship identification number.

DS-7002 Training Plan

The U.S. Department of State requires all interns and trainees to fill out and sign the formal training plan outlined on Form DS-7002. The form is developed by your host organization and it helps to ensure that you will have a successful experience. This includes gaining valuable, relevant professional development, along with a better understanding of American culture. The training plan clearly describes what you will be doing during your time with the host employer, what skills you will learn, how cultural exchange will be encouraged, and how your performance will be measured.

It’s important that all information provided in both the application and any attachments is complete, current, and truthful. Any documents that are not in English, such as a diploma or course list, need to have an English translation submitted with them.