What an Internship in the United States can do for you

An internship in the United States provides a long list of educational and professional benefits. Honing your skills with on the job training and professional networking can provide a number of opportunities to land a great job later on.

The United States is a melting pot of entrepreneurial industries that produce cutting edge ideas and technology. Internships here provide a front row seat to these changes. It also gives you the opportunity to take part in the evolution yourself.

Business owners are more likely to hire from a list of well-rounded candidates. These candidates have skills that include problem solving, quick thinking, and confidence in their craft. The most effective way to master these skills is with an internship in the United States.

Benefits of an internship in the United States

Courageous Efforts

Spending 12 to 18 months in another country takes courage. An internship in the United States is no different. When you make the commitment to intern abroad, you not only improve your own skills and knowledge, you also show potential employers you have a courageous spirit. It shows that once you put your mind to something, you see it through to the end.

This is an invaluable asset to enter the workforce with. It’s one many employers admire and will want to know more about.

Job Training

In school, you learn basic principles of your industry. However, during an internship to the United States, you can learn to put those principles to work. You’ll discover not only how to do each task, but also why each element of the task plays a part in the overall picture. These skills are not often found in a textbook.

They are only learned by hands on experiences. They are lessons learned from making mistakes and having a mentor by your side to correct you.

These are the lessons you’ll remember most. These are also the lessons that will make you a more skilled candidate in the future.


Communication in your job field is essential to both finding and keeping a job. You should be able to effectively communicate with leaders and your colleagues. An internship in the United States can help you develop these communication skills and learn industry lingo. Using correct lingo in your field makes a big difference and will set you apart from those without this knowledge.

Career path

Choosing a career path can be easy when you first begin college. But some people regret their decisions after they land a job. They discover the field is not what they thought it would be.

During your internship, you have the opportunity to discover what you like or perhaps don’t like about your chosen industry. In this time, you can decide to make a shift in your career path or move forward with your chosen field.

With real world scenarios guiding their choices, graduates who choose to spend their internship in the United States are more confident in their degree path.  

Ahead of the field

With an internship in the United States, you’ll have a great start to your resume and allow you to stand out to employers. Due to the extensive training you’ll receive during your internship, you’ll require less on the job training than other candidates. Because you’ve experienced real world situations, you’ll be able to confidently handle more responsibilities as well. Your level of training and ability to handle more tasks will not only put you ahead of other candidates, it may also set you up for a higher salary.


Your internship in the United States can provide an opportunity to surround yourself with top professionals in your field. During this time, you can ask questions that you may not have the opportunity to ask again.

At work or with your sponsors, you’ll have the opportunity to learn, grow, and experience all America has to offer. You can glean knowledge from the wealth of wisdom available to you on a daily basis.

You’ll make connections with like minded individuals that will help you become better in your field. You also create lasting friendships that can lead to bigger opportunities down the line.


With the experiences you’ll encounter during your internship in the United States, you’ll build a level of confidence no college campus can provide. Some internship jobs have the opportunity for employment. Some don’t. If your time with the company doesn’t continue at the end of your internship, you can move forward with the wealth of information gathered during your tenure.

Internship to job transfer

With an internship in the United States, you can reap many benefits that will set you up for career success.

The transfer from internship to job will be smoother with the skills you learn during your internship. You’ll be able to confidently move forward with tools every employer will acknowledge and appreciate. Your communication skills will set you apart from mediocre candidates. And most importantly, the people you meet and interact with during this time can become lifelong friends that you can lean on.

Emerging from your internship ready to confidently take on a job is a huge career advantage. But these are only some of the many benefits an internship in the United States has to offer. If you’re considering an internship, contact the team here at CareerDean to learn more.

Are you ready to see what these benefits can do for you and your career?


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