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Home Away From Home

It’s time to start searching for housing once you’ve secured the position. Searching for housing can be frustrating, but that’s why we’ve provided information to help you!

Some employers arrange housing for you and others require you to secure housing on your own. This is why it’s extremely important to read your job offer agreement closely. Even if employers don’t offer housing, they can be helpful because they can recommend places to stay and give you information about cost of living in the area.

Some students are able to secure housing before they get to the United States. However, there may be times where you’d need to arrange short-term accommodations, such as hostels or hotels, before committing to a destination.

Housing Options


When renting, the tenant’s lease or agreement is with the landlord, so only two parties are involved. Make sure you read everything in writing before you sign and try to go for a month-to-month lease since your stay will be more short-term.


This is the most affordable option. You’ll be able to live with a roommate to split the costs. Sharing is more sociable and living with a roommate gives you an instant connection.


Tenants that leave their homes for a short period of time can let others rent out their space while they are away.

University Housing

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of your accommodations, is by living in a college dormitory. Depending on what the university has available, you can get a single room of your own, share a room with a roommate, or live in an apartment style dorm. This will give you the opportunity to meet other students.


Hostels encourage socializing between guests through the common room and shared rooms. Its great for a short-term accommodation until you find something more long-term.  

Landlords & Roommates 


You must ask the potential landlord questions and make sure you understand the details of the lease before signing an agreement.

Questions to Ask Landlords 
  • How soon would I be able to move in?

  • Cost of housing?

  • Are utilities included?

  • Is there laundry on-site?

  • How far is public transportation from the property?

  • How accessible are stores and shopping areas?

  • What are the transportation options from housing to job site?

  • Cost of transportation?

  • Is the neighborhood safe?

  • What happens if I want to break my lease?

  • What are the fees before moving in?

  • How many people will be living in the house?

  • How many beds are there per room?


The search for a roommate can be exciting. Finding someone to share a living space with is a big commitment and there are certain things that needs to be discussed before living arrangements are agreed upon. There should be a clear understanding about what the expectations are and an outlined agreement on costs before moving in.

Questions to Ask Potential Roommates 
  • What’s your daily schedule like?

  • What time do you generally wake up and go to bed?

  • Are you neat or messy?

  • How do you feel about guests?

  • How many people are living in the apartment?

  • How much does each person pay for expenses?

  • How do you want to share the grocery expenses?

  • What items or areas of the apartment are off limits?

  • Do you drink or smoke?

  • How do you spend your free time?

  • What are the fees before moving in?


Begin by speaking with your employer to understand the area you will be working and they can recommend neighborhoods that could be reasonable in cost. Below are some website you can refer to as you search:


Apartment Rentals/Sublets