Host Interns & Trainees

Host an international university student, recent graduate, or a professional as an intern or trainee

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We Partner With Universities All Over The World To Bring You Top Talent 

CareerDean does the vetting process for you and chooses the most qualified participant for the job at no cost to you. Interns and trainees understand that this is an opportunity where they can showcase their skills, and in return gain more knowledge in a field they are extremely passionate about. They have outlined clear personal and career goals, and are motivated to achieve them. Host employers enjoy the participant’s presence, as the interns and trainees constantly push the envelope in a new cultural dynamic, and proposes a fresh perspective with new ideas for the organization.  

How Does The Program Work? 

The process is extremely simple. You review the candidates that we present to you, and you decide who you want to interview and hire.

  • We start by learning about your organization and understand your needs when it comes to filling an internship/trainee position.

  • We then promote your open positions to students and universities all over the world.

  • We conduct pre-screening interviews with potential candidates to determine their eligibility for the position.

  • When we find a potential match, we will present the students background and profile for you to review.

  • We will coordinate a phone or Skype interview for you to interview the candidates.

  • CareerDean is responsible to monitor each participant during their stay. We will assign a program administrator to help with the monitoring and supervision.

  • We provide monthly check-ins, evaluations, and receive notifications from the site to ensure a great experience.

What to Expect From Our Participants? 

Goal Oriented

International interns are extremely career focused. Most of them have already experienced an internship position locally, but are ready to take a bigger leap. We provide career coaching and guide our participants every step of the way to ensure their placement is a smooth process.

Adapt Quickly

Participants are ready to experience a new lifestyle abroad. CareerDean is responsible to prepare our participants for their trip during our orientation. Our goal is to ensure they are familiar with their surroundings of the new city before they arrive, so they can focus on making great connections and have an enjoyable experience while they are in America. 


We encourage our participants to take on all the challenges that are presented to them. It is our intention to provide an environment for our participant to apply classroom knowledge, have an opportunity to build skills, and teach them how to be successful in a professional setting.

Get Started

International students are extremely beneficial to any workplace! Please complete the form below, and we will have a CareerDean representative reach out to you directly to further understand your request.