Front Desk Associate: First Impressions Matter

A friendly front desk associate makes for a great first impression to any hotel guest. The tone in which you greet them and handle their check-in will remain with them throughout their stay. So it’s important you make a good impression right from the beginning.

The secret of every great front desk associate is to master the elements of good customer service before your guests walk through the door.

If you’re new to the industry, here are a few ideas to keep in mind in order to make the best impression possible.

How do I look?

As a front desk associate, you represent the hotel you work for at all times. As much as you practice each task and master ‘checking in’ a guest, you must take care of your appearance as well. Before taking a step toward the front desk, take a look at yourself in a mirror. If you greet guests in a wrinkled uniform or with unkempt hair, you can forget about making a good first impression.

Hotel guest should be greeted by associates with the following attributes:

  •         Clean clothing
  •         Ironed or pressed uniform
  •         Trimmed facial hair
  •         Brushed or neatly styled hair
  •         Clean fingernails
  •         Tasteful makeup
  •         Shined shoes
  •         Tasteful jewelry
Manners Matter

Good manners are an essential element to any customer service job. Words such as ‘thank you’ or ‘we appreciate your business’ are part of the job. But good manners extend beyond simple pleasantries.

A front desk associate should show pleasant manners such as these:

  •         Stand when greeting or speaking to a guest
  •         Smile -even when you don’t want to
  •         Don’t interrupt or talk over anyone
  •         Give genuine compliments
  •         Never use foul language
  •         Open a door for any guest
  •         Always allow a guest to enter a room before you
Small Talk

How you greet hotel guests is paramount. A simple ‘hello’ may seem polite, but as a front desk associate, this type of greeting is flat and cold.

Greeting guests should be fun and engaging. Try these phrases instead:

  •         “Hello, welcome to (name of hotel), we’re so glad you’re here.”
  •         “Good morning, welcome to (name of city), we hope you like our town.”
  •         “Good afternoon. How can I help you today?”

Calling your guests by their name will go a long way in creating a great impression. It adds a layer of personalization and gives your guests a sense of value. Take added steps to remember your guest’s names and include it at each interaction.

Practice Patience

A hotel guest can have a million things happen to him or her on their trip that will put them in an irritable mood. While this is not your fault in the least, it is your job to remain calm and collected throughout their encounter. A patient front desk associate will not only make checking in easier for the guest, it may also soothe their irritability.

Ways to remain calm and collected with an irate guest:

  •         Plaster a smile on your face.
  •         Speak in calm tones
  •         Expedite your guests needs in an effective manner
  •         Reassure your guest you are going to help them in every way possible

If you incur a problem or are unable to assist your guest, find someone who can help you. Show your guest you are trying to help them in every way.

Never say No

When guests make requests that are beyond your capabilities, refrain from using the word ‘no.’ Instead, offer other suggestions that may help fill a need. Helping your guest with their issue rather than turn them away will show your commitment to solving their problem.

The Role of Front Desk Associates

Running the front desk of a hotel allows you to interact with new faces and personalities on a daily basis. Every encounter opens the door for a new conversation that can make the difference between a good hotel stay and a bad.

When you take pride in your appearance, you show you care about yourself as well as others. Mastering the essentials of customer service will help you tackle any problem your guests have. The combination of knowledge and skilled service will give hotel guests and experience worth coming back for.

With great manners and skillful patience, you can be on your way to being the friendly face at the front desk.

Are you ready to make a great first impression?


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