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Financing Your Program

The last thing we want to do is hold you back from participating in a once in a lifetime opportunity. CareerDean is an investment for your professional future and we’re here to help you grow. We can get extremely creative when it comes to payment options and our team is happy to work with you.

Installment Plan 

This is a flexible payment option that will allow you to have a scheduled plan to space out your payments over time.

Net 30

Make an initial deposit to secure your enrollment, and then make a full payment in 30 days. This option is ideal for those participants that need additional time to secure funds for this opportunity.

Financial Aid 

If you are interning abroad for credit, then you may be eligible to use financial aid through your university. We can work with your school’s financial department to secure program approval.

Refer a Friend 

Want to have a friend experience this journey with you AND save yourself money at the same time? Refer a friend and you will receive $200 dollars off your program from each friend that enrolls into our program.

Personal Loan 

If none of the above options work for you then you can always take out a personal loan. Please make sure to fully research lenders before taking out a private loan.