Filipino Foods in New Orleans: CK’s Hot Shoppe   

Knowing where to find Filipino foods and spices from your home town can help tremendously during your internship. The sights, sounds, and flavors can ease you into your new environment and lessen any budding feelings of homesickness. And while Filipino foods are not as wide spread throughout New Orleans, there is one restaurant that does it right.

CK’s Hot Shoppe

Tucked away in the Central City area of New Orleans you’ll find CK’s Hot Shoppe. This quaint authentic restaurant provides all the tastes of the Philippians without having to take a long plane ride home.

Chef Crispin Pasia, a master chef who worked with Paul Prudhomme for many years, takes great care in bringing authentic Filipino cuisine to the Big Easy. And based on the reviews of CK’s Hot Shoppe, his attention to detail shows in every dish he puts out.

When you enter CK’s, don’t let the size of the place fool you. This little building is full of powerful flavors waiting to tempt your taste buds.  


Start your meal with appetizers such as fresh lumpia. CK’s also offers vegetable and Shanghai lumpia. Order all three and decide which one is your favorite!


If you’re in the mood for Filipino foods that will take you home after one bite, try one of the soups at CK’s. Soup offerings may vary daily, but they’re known for serving delicious Nilaga soup with pork and bangus. They also make fresh Sinigang and Bulalo soups daily.

Main Dishes

As the only restaurant serving Filipino foods in New Orleans, Chef Crispin knows it has to be perfect. His main dishes are the epitome of Filipino cuisine.

His menu includes chicken or pork adobo, dinuguan, sizzling sisig, tokwat baboy, and more. You’ll also find the most popular of Filipino foods in America; pancit.


Chef Crispin continues the culinary creations of Filipino foods into his desserts. Save room for the colorful display of halo halo. Or for a richer dessert, enjoy a slice of leche flan.

Are there other Filipino foods in New Orleans?

While there are certainly restaurants across the city of New Orleans that offer a version of Filipino foods, CK’s Hot Shoppe is the only true Filipino restaurant.

However, there are specialty grocers that carry spices and ingredients. If you find yourself in one of these markets, pick up a few items. Making an authentic Filipino meal for you and your host family is a great way to introduce your traditions.

Food for Homesickness

Being away from your home cooking can be a difficult element of your internship abroad. Weeks of working and adjusting to a completely new environment can put a strain on your emotional state. It’s important to find little pieces of familiarity anywhere you can.

While you’re in New Orleans, be sure to check out CK’s Hot Shoppe. And try to make a point to cook at least one meal to serve your host family. Doing either of these will put a smile on your face and boost your mood.  

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