Choosing the Right Employer for Your Internship

There are many elements that go into preparing you for your internship abroad. Everything from gathering the correct documents to finding a budget-friendly place to stay has to be taken care of. Perhaps the most important facet of planning your internship abroad is choosing the right employer. The right employer can nurture your talent and enhance your overall internship experience.

Taking the time to find the best fit can not only help cultivate your talent and uplift your career, it can also aid in preventing homesickness. If you’re comfortable and happy in your place of work, you will feel better all around. In turn, your positive attitude will show in your phone calls, texts, and emails to your parents and loved ones.

How to choose the right employer for your internship

Choosing the right employer starts with you. Make a list of what you hope to learn. Try to visualize what the post-internship ‘you’ looks like.

Your list should include obvious elements such as:

  • Proficiency of basic skills
  • General understanding of how your industry operates
  • Usable professional connections

But take into account the lesser-considered elements that attribute to your overall intern experience such as:

  • Is the company reputable in the industry?
  • Do they promote healthy training environments?
  • What will your main role within the company?
  • What is their staff turnover rate?
  • How will your performance be judged?

Not all of these questions may be pertinent to your area of training. However, having a clear understanding of how a company performs in training and employee management area can make the difference between a positive and negative internship.

Do some research

Researching several companies can help you narrow down what company you feel best fits your needs. It can also highlight areas you may not have thought of in your original list. You may discover past interns from a company have gone on to have an incredible career. Or, you may find out the company’s dedication to training interns isn’t as high on their priority list as you’d like it to be.

Dig around the internet to get real opinions from past and present employees. Read forums or reach out via social media. Try to get a feel for the management styles and overall employee experiences. But keep in mind, while many assessments are legitimate, there may be some exaggerated reviews from disgruntled past employees.

An internship at reputable company within your industry can open future doors that may be otherwise closed. It can put you in contact with leaders of the industry as well as elevate your level of training. Knowing you will be in good hands both before and after your internship can give you and your family back home some comfort. Thus, making your stay in America a little easier.

Work with a supporting agency

Choosing the right employer can be much easier if you have a great support system in place, both at home and in America. CareerDean International is among the few agencies that takes the extra steps to find participants a host company that fits their needs.

Before you start your internship process, go over your list with your internship liaison. Ask the right questions to be sure they have YOUR best interests in mind.

Be flexible

It’s important to remember your internship isn’t just about you. Each company that takes on an intern uses vital resources to train and harness talent. It can be costly in both time and inventory when an intern makes a mistake.

For a company to feel you are a good fit, they will have a list of requirements you need to fill. The list may not be as long as yours, but it may include:

  • A strong command of the English language
  • A strong work ethic
  • Disciplined behavior both inside and outside of work
  • Ability to listen and follow directions
Are you ready to choose the best employer for your internship?

A great internship begins with the right employer. If you’re ready to begin the process of an internship in the United States, finding a good place to work is key.

Make your list of wants, needs, and desires and get in touch with the caring staff at CareerDean. Their knowledgeable team can help you navigate the many paths of your internship including finding the job and company best suited to your needs.

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