Best Asian Foods in South Beach

Asian foods are popular in almost every major city in America. But South Beach takes it to a whole new level. With the diversity of South Beach’s ever growing population, chefs in every restaurant are constantly honing their skills. As an intern learning the ropes, each day can be spent discovering new techniques in order to serve the best Asian foods in South Beach.

With the emphasis on new ideas and creativity, Asian fusion restaurants are on the rise in South Beach. But don’t let that turn you way. You can also find a good mix of traditional Asian fare.

With so many options packed into one area, it leads you to wonder; where can you find the best Asian foods in South Beach?

The Drunken Dragon

Why is this one of the best Asian foods restaurant in South Beach? Because beyond traditional foods and spices, this Korean barbeque gem serves an aromatic array of contemporary Korean specialties. The Drunken Dragon offers traditional Korean dishes such as bulgogi and kimchi.

What’s a restaurant in South Beach without a Cuban sandwich on the menu?

The Drunken Dragon has that covered too. Their Banh mi Cuban presse is a unique spin on this classic sandwich. With pork shoulder, pate, pickles, Sriracha aioli, jalapeño, and cilantro; this is definitely a menu item worth tasting.

Let’s not forget about Bulgogi.

This sweetly spiced beef dish with ancient Korean origins is a staple at The Drunken Dragon. And with generous portions of tender marinated sliced beef served over rice, it’s easy to taste why. While you’re in South Beach, take a stroll into The Drunken Dragon. You won’t be disappointed.


Serving modern Asian foods with lots of flare, Tanuki offers more than 150 menu items to sate your pallet. Well known for serving some of the best Asian foods in South Beach, Tanuki draws the most attention with their specialty dim sum options. Tanuki also has rave reviews for their signature Peking duck. But their modern spin on traditional Japanese tea is also a crowd pleaser.

With so many tasty opportunities, it’s hard to say exactly what dish at Tanuki is best. But no matter what draws the crowds, one thing remains: Tanuki brings Asian Fusion to a whole new level.

What would the world be without dim sum?

Thankfully, the chefs at Tanuki are here to ensure that never happens. These Chinese steamed dumplings full of unique flavor combinations are truly works of art. Be it tender bits of meats, vegetables, or shrimp Tanuki’s daily dim sum options are always available for your eating pleasure.


A Japanese staple in America, sushi can be found on many Asian restaurant menus. And the options are just as plentiful. But true sushi connoisseurs will appreciate the variety of options available such as nigiri and maki as well as traditional sashimi. The chefs at Doraku train hard to bring such quality sushi to its patrons.

But the flavor and flare of Doraku isn’t monopolized on sushi.

Doraku has a full dinner and lunch menu that is just as rich and innovative. Serving Salmon, Halibut, Teppan Steak, and even chicken, the flavor infused food will have your taste buds dancing.

The masterful chefs at Doraku deliver both innovative food combined with artisanal drinks. Specializing in Japanese hospitality, Doraku combines exquisite sushi dining with a fun and inviting atmosphere. With such a unique experience to be had, Doraku truly is a great place for some of the best Asian foods.

Which is the best?

Americans love of Asian foods combined with tenacious chefs looking to reinvent the wheel make for a delicious display of culinary perfection. In South Beach, the foods are fresh, flavorful, and always changing.

With so many changes and new flavor combinations, it’s truly hard to name the best Asian foods in South Beach. What we do know is that your visit to any of these places will result in a good time with great food.

We invite you to visit some of these restaurants during your internship in South Beach. Sit back and watch these chefs in action as they create new dishes and try new techniques.

Who knows…

Maybe you will be inspired to create your own spin on a classic dish as well.


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