Applying for a Visa: Are you Interview Ready?

To begin an internship in the United States, you’ll need to acquire a J-1 internship position. But applying for a visa requires a lot of preparation. You’ll need copies of your passport, a well written resume, diploma, student enrollment verification if you’re still in school, and more. Thankfully, the team at CareerDean is here to help you with this process.

But before you can begin applying for a visa, you’ll need to acquire a job offer from a participating company. CareerDean has strong relationships with businesses across the United States that actively participate in the J-1 visa program.

If you fit the requirements for open positions within these companies, the resume you have on file at CareerDean is sent over for review. Once you’re chosen to move forward in the hiring process, you’ll be scheduled for an interview.

This is typically done via video phone calls such as Skype.

Making a good impression

Don’t let the idea of a video interview take away the importance of this step. This is interview essentially determines if you can move forward with applying for a visa. There are many elements you should consider to have a great interview.

To best prepare for this interview, keep these three aspects in mind:


Sometimes a phone or video interview can be more intimidating than sitting face to face with a potential employer. Before the video interview, get fully dressed as if you were walking into your future boss’ office.

Keep in mind, the way you look when the interview begins will set the tone for the entire interview. Your hair should be brushed or styled. If you have facial hair, it should be groomed. Make a point to wear clothing without wrinkles or stains. Even though it may not show on the video screen, shine your shoes too.

Going through this entire process will help build your confidence and allow you to perform better during the interview.

Speak boldly

During the interview process, it’s important you present yourself as an asset to any company. These companies are willing to help you in the process of applying for a visa. They need to know you’re worth their time. And nothing says ‘hire me’ more than a confident voice. There are several techniques you can try to help calm your nerves or build more self-assurance.   

Don’t aim to impress.

If you’ve made it to the interview, your potential employer has seen your resume and are interested in knowing more about you. Think of the interview as a way to connect with them rather than impress them. Remember, they know what skills you’ve learned. This is the chance to show them why they should let you show those skills off.

Prepare yourself ahead of time.

It may seem like a silly act, but practicing in front of a mirror prior to your conversation will go a long way in reducing interview anxiety. Even if you don’t know the exact questions you may be asked, practice answering anyway.

This works in two ways.

First, you’ll put your mind at ease by talking positively to yourself about yourself. You’ll find that you’re smiling by the time it’s over. This loose, confident feeling is vital for any interview process.

Second, recalling this information right before your interview will make it easier to access during the actual interview. You won’t find yourself muttering or stammering. Rather, you’ll be able to confidently answer almost every question.

Know who you’ll be working for

It’s never a good idea to use wrong terminology on an interview. This includes using the wrong company name and non-industry terms. Take the time to research the company you’ll be interviewing with prior to the call.

Learn their history and what they are currently about. Learn a little about the city in which they are located. Who do they serve? Try to find out what their signature product or service is.

This doesn’t have to be an extensive search. But if you’re able to connect with one element of their company’s motto you’ll stand out among other interviewers. If you’re a standout interviewer, these companies will me more likely to offer you employment. Once this happens, you’ll be able to move forward in applying for your visa.

Applying for a visa? 

The interview process is one of the most important steps when applying for a visa. Without a successful outcome, you cannot move forward with a J-1 internship position. By preparing yourself ahead of time, remaining confident throughout the interview, and knowing who you may potentially be working for, you’ll be on you way to interview success.

The team at CareerDean is ready to offer assistance in any way possible. We’re always happy to answer questions or offer more information about our internship programs.


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