About Us

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Who We Are

CareerDean opens up a world full of endless opportunities. The company was built on the curiosity of exploring what else the world can reveal by traveling, and how it can make a positive impact to one’s life. Our passion for foreign cultures and exploring new places is what brought us together to encourage and inspire students and young professionals. Our International internships and abroad programs are designed to give you the chance to explore your career path, while giving you the freedom to explore and shape every other aspect of your life.

Core Values

CareerDean believes in immersing students and young professionals in different environments around the world to define their own purpose in their path of life, to grow in their desired careers, and to gain respective knowledge in different cultural identities. We celebrate creativity and curiosity, as we believe it takes courage to step out of your comfort zone to explore opportunities around the world with an open mind.

Our Mission

To connect students and young professionals to leading organizations all over the world.

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